AntFarm says Bon voyage to Tyler

31 Jul

AntFarm’s very own, Tyler, set sail on Saturday on a trip across the world. He’ll be spending 8 months at sea, traveling the Atlantic on a cruise ship and singing to audiences throughout .

While Tyler will be greatly missed, we welcome his brother, Travis, who is staying in the AntFarms coveted upstairs studio and making his own footprint on greater Los Angeles.

Reused & Improved

9 May

Lightning in a Bottle is just around the corner and the worker ants are busy as bees building La Barra. Due to the Do Lab and LIB’s growing popularity, we will have an additional La Barra location at this year’s festival~ three in total. Being that it’s the AntFarm way to  live the green life, we took advantage of our resources and killed 2 birds with one stone while building this new coffee-slinging shack. The boys spent their smoldering Cinco De Mayo afternoon obliterating the withered backyard fence at AntFarm Acres and replaced it with a much sturdier and puppy-proof one. The old wood is now being used to make our third ALL RECYCLED MATERIAL coffee bar!

To see the final result, come find us at Lightning in a Bottle 2012. We’ll be the ones in the daisy dukes injecting festival attendees with caffeine & homemade sweets.


Tweet-le Dee…

7 Feb!/AntFarmLA

Gardening fun in the February sun…

3 Feb

Took some snap shots while lazing in the garden this afternoon.

Green Thumb Project Update

2 Feb

The seedlings are now sproutlings. Into the ground they go!

Robin the Bounty Hunter Captured Jonathan patty

3 Jan

Kalamazoo Michigan the evasive Jonathan Allen Patty was spotted alongside acomplice Brooke Weber on New Years eve and aprehended until new years day. Suspect weighed in at 154 pounds, semi long hair, probably hasn’t had it cut since Los Angeles. The couple was spotted with a 12 pack of Leinenkugels fireside nut brow ale, and a jewelery making kit. They were driving a 1980’s silver volvo that rode low to the ground. For more updates, susscribe to this blog or like antfarmla on facebook!

One egg, two egg, red egg, blue egg!

29 Nov

Acre's Eggs.

We have 3 new winged AntFarmers! AntFarm Acres now has chickens (as well as the chicks over at the OG AntFarm) and these ladies have already began participating in The Green Thumb Project. So far they’ve provided us with some super fresh breakfast scrambles and their droppings have been dropped into the compost pile. Photos of the coop and chicken model shots coming soon… stay tuned.