Antfarm Origins

The AntFarm La collective has come together one by one over the years… but the OG Antfarmer, the man with the dream, is Los Angeles native Robin Banks. Robin’s contagious enthusiasm and creativity that he applies towards all of his projects is what drew each one of us to him.

Robin’s “big break” came when The Black Rock Arts Foundation commissioned him to do the Giving Tree project for Burning Man 2008. The Giving Tree Project is a part wind powered part solar powered interactive sculpture over 17 feet tall, which is designed to not only generate energy but to also educate people of the importance of our relationship to our living environment. Living trees are an untapped source of mechanical wind energy, which have the potential to aid us in providing sustainable energy.  This sculpture is a playground for people to touch and learn from. At night it comes alive with lights, pumping water and forest sounds. Globally the aim of this project is to promote the prevention of de-forestation, and help people get in touch with and appreciate trees within their environment.

The Giving Tree project @ Coachella 2009

This eye-opening sculpture became the catalyst for many other projects and connections.


Our most recent project was displayed at The 9th Annual Joshua Tree Music Festival as well as Lightning in a Bottle 2011. We call it the Multi-Century Caravan Painting Project. This project meshed together 18th century transportation with 21st century art & recreation.

Multi-Century Caravan Painting Project @ LIB 2011


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